"Get your filthy paws off me you damn dirty ape!"

What's not to love about vintage Planet of the Apes posters?


"Hey brother..."

I've been meaning to post this image for a while now. Goodness do I enjoy Arrested Development.


Indy Label Festival (vol.2)

A poster I did last week. (click to enlarge)


Lion King: the Musical.

I had the opportunity to see the Lion King musical last night. I can't get over how incredible it was. From the set design to the costumes to the singing...everything was great. But the costumes really blew me away. People up on stilts on their hands and legs acting as giraffes (my personal favorite), a wheeled contraption that moves to look like a herd of jumping gazelle, and a life sized elephant! It's really a must see.


Thomas Wold.

One of the great things in life that I enjoy is Ready Made and one of the great people that help make that magazine great is Thomas Wold. One thing I really like about his work is that, in most cases, it has a subtle element of fun and play incorporated with great design.

(it glows in the dark!)



Marla Hansen.

Marla Hansen is the newest addition to our Standard Recording family. With a beautiful airy voice and her viola plucking, Marla has created a wonderful EP entitled Wedding Day.
Her MySpace.


Egg Bird Feeders.

Things like this are why I signed up for ceramics this semester. I wish I wouldn't have had to drop it so I could work during the week and pay bills.


Born Into Brothels.

Born into Brothels is one of my favorite documentaries. It's like a million of those moments in time when I'm reminded of how amazing children are all crammed into one beautiful film.