A few days here and there.

Happy 200,000 Eugene

Emma didn't like playing reindeer.


Deep Sea Dresser.

I'm in love with a piece of furniture. (http://www.chromalab.net/)

Cake Wrecks.

"When professional cakes go horribly, hilariously wrong."
My new favorite blog. My stomach hurts from holding in all the laughter while at work. http://cakewrecks.blogspot.com/



I want to do real art for cards instead of just creating fabulous mock-ups like this.

Fifty People, One Question: New York.

Fifty People, One Question: New York from Crush & Lovely on Vimeo.


Garfield minus Garfield.

Without Garfield, Jon is just a crazy, depressed, lonely man.


Taking it in.

Quietly standing by myself after bible study and taking in bits and pieces of everyone's conversations felt more beneficial to me than the sermon I listened to this past Sunday. God works in amazing ways we can not even begin to understand and I'm learning that over and over again all the time.

Google image search: retro ad.

While at work today, I've been doing some Google image searches for retro things to use as reference for a set of Valentine's Day cards I'm working on. Among some rather great imagery, I've also stumbled upon entire original Planet of the Apes coloring books and activity books in PDF form (you better believe I'm gonna print one out) and this gem here:

The edited ad is actually for the first handheld transistor radio. I remember learning about this (and actually looking at the same ad) a couple years ago in my media history class.

Apple Apples.


Being creative.



A nest.

I wanted to have a bed available for my new kitten when he arrives despite the fact that I know many cats choose not to use them. So, instead of purchasing a new one, I dug through my box of odds and ends fabric and put one together in a couple hours. I call it "the nest".


Storm clouds.

T-shirt design for Andrew's band, The Marchen. The kite wraps around to the back of the shirt.

Oh, hello snow.

My car didn't want to start this morning. I had to drive 30 mph on the highway tonight as I traveled home from work. Dark by 5:00. Winter has begun. Bring it on Cleveland.


Love this new shirt at Threadless.

Speaking of Pollock, I watched a documentary a couple months ago called Who the #$&% Is Jackson Pollock? Hilarious. Just the kind of quirky characters I love to stumble upon in documentaries. The film captures the story of a woman who buys a painting at a thrift store and then becomes convinced that it's an original Pollock. Numerous experts and forensic investigators examine and discuss the piece. Very entertaining and interesting.


The Comic Commitment.

I've posted my first comic over at The Comic Commitment. It's a collective comic blog that, so far, includes comics done by past and present ladies from the Cleveland Institute of Art. Two of which I graduated with. A lovely bunch of images and personal snippets.

The Comic Commitment.


I picked him out.

After Thanksgiving he will be old enough to come home. I am extremely excited!
(And speaking of kitties, there are 6 new kitty drawings up in my Etsy store.)



Julia and I found this outside an asian market downtown today. I was on a hunt for food for tomorrow's Mystery Food Friday.

Color for a grey day.


(Ignacio Pilotto)

A true "writingtable".

I think this is absolutely fabulous. A giant notepad on wheels. I'm pondering the thought of attaching a newsprint pad to the top of my coffeetable to achieve a similar piece. Goodness, I love it.

Craigslist: Look at us - we need homes please.

I have a hamster I would love to Re-home for $350.00 cage and all wow what a deal wont last
I have a chidoodlelaboterrier comes with leash that I would let go for the low low low price of $1,500.00 to ensure a good home.
I would also like to adopt for free any animal I could get my hands on. We will offer a forever loving home (somewhere).
Please I am desperate.
I also have a couple of sick animals that I really don¢t want to waste any money on at the vet so could someone out there give me some advice on how to cure them or be willing to pay the vet bill. I also need food for them because I didn¢t know when I got them I would have to feed them on the regular bases.
Please help me I am so desperate. I cannot even feed my dog so my kids have to go. Can anyone pick them up (my kids) tonight by midnight? I will send all their jammies and everything. Even some snacks so they will be quiet.
Why does my ad keep getting flagged.

(At first I thought this person was absolutely crazy for trying to re-home a hamster for $350. Then I just started laughing.)


A hand to hold in the cold.

"Adult size mittens with ivory child-size mittens attached to hold hands easily and stay warm."
Squeeze Me Mittens.


Photo frame excellence.


Craigslist: 4 buff color beauties.

( I usually only persue Craigslist for amusement and possibly a freelance job...but now one of these little guys is coming home with me in a couple weeks. I'm extremely excited.)

Taller than trees.

Taller Than Trees from Joseph Mann on Vimeo.


Northern lights.

I'm about to watch this episode of Northern Exposure. One of my absolute favorites and perfect for a cold, grey day. Cicely, Alaska always makes me feel at home.


Something completely different from the grey dismal ones hanging over Cleveland right now.

I wish...

...Photoshop really looked like this:
(click to enlarge.)


The new MacBook.

On it's way from Shanghai to join our computer family.

"I'm getting a computer from the future."


Hello gorgeous yarn.

I will now swoon over your beautiful colors for the remainder of the day.

I miss, miss, miss dyeing my own wool and fibers.

Craigslist: HIDEOUS painting.

Please take it.

(This almost made me choke on my lunch.)


Flowered Bill.

Pine forest.

The inside of my new desk drawer at work smells like pine trees. I like to take a quick sniff when I open it and then close it quickly, I want to save it. It's plesant.

President Obama.

For the first time in my life I can say that I am genuinely content, pleased, encouraged, and excited about the future of our country. I am so impressed at the sense of unity that this election has created in this country. Regardless of who they voted for, just the fact that there was an overwhelming amount of new voters because people were realized how important the election truly was is an amazing thing.

(May I also say that Ohio looks very good in blue!)


To do: tattoo.

I don't really care for tattoos, but I feel that sometimes I need one like this.

What's wrong with this picture?

If you said "Starbucks is using HOLIDAY cups already?!?!!?" then pat yourself on the back.



More lockets.



I still have a very strong desire to own a locket. I notice it more when I'm missing him the most.