Joe Gil.

Fellow bear, Adam Baker and I tackled some album artwork for the musician Joe Gil. Adam did the illustration and I did the watercolor and lettering. I love collaborating with friends on work. Below is the album cover, I'll share more images when I get a printed copy of the album. 

You can find Joe and his music here: http://www.joegil.com/.


And away they go!

I've been slow at updating photos here since I've been so busy with Three Bears work. I should have some work to share this week. Here are some of my favorite images from Dana and Keith's wedding last weekend. I love the getaway. They're such a fantastic couple. 


Jaxon's, ice cream wonderfulness.

We were in Florida this past week for a wedding and to visit with Andrew's family and friends. Florida currently has the most uncomfortable weather I've ever experienced. Hot and humid, terribly, terribly, humid. We did, however, find a way to cool off. Andrew took me to an amazing ice cream parlor called Jaxon's and for the first time in my life I was not able to finish my dessert.


The essential weekend at the lake.

A few weekends ago we gathered up our usual cast of friends and headed to my aunt and uncle's lake house for a couple of days. It's something we try to do every summer to make sure we get some quality time together. Sad to say, we found out that this was the last summer that Mystery Hill and the Prehistoric Forest would be open so we made sure to stop by that as well.

Website update!

Our new Three Bears Design website is up and running. A snazzy new look and loads of new work for your eyes to feast on. (http://www.threebearsdesign.com/)


An un-silent Jens.

Jens Lekman released a new song on his website this week. It's been too long Jens, but thanks for making my Friday much better. 



I have a lot of photographs that I've been meaning to share but life is hectic I haven't gotten around to it. In the mean time, here's a bear I drew last week.


"...And I wonder why I always keep pleasant memories of the past..."

I often find myself missing my old residence in Little Italy. We called it the teal house and the fact that it was teal was definitely the #1 reason we wanted to live there. It really wasn't anything special. The inside was in acceptable condition for college living but needed more coats of paint than we could give it, the landlord was awful, and we had a slew of terrible tenants that lived below us at various times (excluding the Tomlinsons). But still, there was something about that house that really felt like home to me and I miss it. Maybe it was the people I was around at the time, the people that were constantly in and out of the house, sharing wine on Friday nights. Or maybe it was the stage of life I was in, nothing that needed my time aside from school, my art and the occasional tutoring job. It was the first time I felt like I was really living life on my own (even though I had a roommate). Some friends and I were telling stories about times in the teal house this weekend and I've been thinking about it ever since. Good times, great oldies. 

(The images above are a selection taken from an illustrated book I made of the teal house for a handmade book class in college.)