My name is Cheryl and I'm an artist. 

I find myself drawn to a wide variety of mediums. I love color. Often I will incorporate small mementos of my day to day life in my work. A piece of paper here, a photograph there. When I look back at my old work it amazes me how many memories those small things can hold. I am inspired by everything around me - from overheard conversations to the texture on the airplane seat in front of me.

I completed the 5 year program from the Cleveland Institute of Art in 2008, leaving with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration. While I majored in illustration, my experience at CIA allowed me to explore and work in a variety or mediums including: painting, glass blowing and casting, ceramics, fibers, photography, lithography and intaglio printmaking, book binding, wood, digital, and enameling. I consider my time spent there to be priceless not only for the skills that I learned, but for the experiences and relationships I gained.

I've worked in the studios of Viktor Schreckengost to create the Centennial Series of his famous Jazz Series. 

I've written and illustrated my own children's book called Willard Explores the Ocean.

My friends and I run Three Bears Design where we get to collaborate on some really fun projects.

My weekdays are spent working at American Greetings. I am a line designer for the music & technology cards as well as the Taylor Swift card line. 

But my work is not my life.

I'm happily married and living in Cleveland, Ohio. We love riding our tandem bike (when the weather allows) and getting coffee at our favorite coffee shop. I have a green thumb and like growing my own food. We enjoy traveling, especially in California. Someday I want to see the aurora borealis. 

I love God and all of his creations.