The past week was a challenge. 

We unexpectedly had to move out of our apartment earlier than we thought. Which led to frantic + completely unprepared packing and relocation of us and the cats, unplanned expenses and a lot of stress. A lot of stress.

Luckily we had family and friends who took the time to help us out and make everything go a little smoother. 

So now we wait, and wait to close on this house while we temporarily live with some very generous friends of ours. We've bought ceiling paint and a vintage oven in anticipation of closing any day (or week) now. It's a lesson in patience for sure. 


Florida + Friends.


We've been in south east Florida for the past week. Visiting family + friends. Attending a wedding and soaking up the sun on the hot beaches. Listening to our friends play music and dancing along side them to favorites from the past. 

Times like these make me really thankful for the extended family that we have found in our friends.

Listen to our friends in Goolsby (http://goolsby.bandcamp.com/)
and Young Circles (http://youngcircles.bandcamp.com/)


Our Fourth of July evening.

Last night we went to the Blossom amphitheater for their Fourth of July celebration where one of our friends was playing with the orchestra. Beautiful location + excellent music + cannons + fireworks. Pretty great if you ask me.