Northern Exposure.

Being an only child, I spent more time with my parents when I was growing up than I did with other children. As a result, a lot of the television programs that I grew up on were not cartoons, but shows like Star Trek: Next Generation, This Old House, The Victory Garden, and Northern Exposure. I cannot help but wonder if my love for Northern Exposure has somehow shaped my appreciation for nature or influenced my past desires to become a forest ranger. I've been re-watching my way through the series since it has recently been released in it's entirety on dvd and my local library carries it. My love has been rekindeled and it's surprising how comforting it is to curl up under a blanket and be absorbed into this Alaskan town on a cold winter day.


scuba cat.

From my sketchbook.
Go to YouTube and search "scuba cat". Amazingly hilarious.



I've never seen a more wonderful ottoman.