Willard lives!

Three bags of stuffing later...

A whale of a tale (pun most definitely intended).

The making of a rather large stuffed whale...

Trials and tribulations.

Not a new area rug.

My little helper.

Pins and needles.

Seamstress? Hardly.

Ever wonder what whale guts look like?

...and then the poor art student ran out of stuffing. More to come...


City Notebooks.

I think these are by far my most favorite thing produced by Moleskine. In fact, I love their new City Notebooks so much that they make me want to take a vacation to one of the available cities just to use it. I have been wanting to visit Chicago again anyways...

They even have their own website: MoleskineCity.com.


My book...

...is done (follow the link to the right to be directed to it).

As a side note, I did not set the price of my book and I realize that it’s a ridiculously high price for a children’s book. That is the cheapest it can be made available for (even for me) because it is not being mass produced.