In the workplace.

For some reason it keeps slipping my mind that Halloween is tomorrow. And then I pass a clown, or a woman wearing a mustache or blue wig in the hallway at work and I'm completely baffled for several seconds. It's been an amusing day so far.


Someday I think I'd like to display my PEZ collection like this.


Mark your calendars!

Three Bears will be participating in Crafty Mart, a local handmade sale, in Akron on November 14th. Along with our Three Bears prints and t-shirts, I will be bringing some upcycled "lumberjack" pillows that I've been working on for the past couple weeks. My friend Amanda of Squeaky Queen will also be there with her wonderful soaps and scents. So I highly encourage everyone in the area to come out and maybe even get a head start on Christmas shopping!


A day for...

Hot homemade mochas.
Wes Anderson movies.
Fall colors outside my window.


Twenty2wo Blog loves Three Bears.

Three Bears was recently featured on Twenty 2wo Blog for the second time. Awesome, right? This time they shared some of the most recent album covers we've collaborated on. Take a look here.


"...but I thought she said maple leaves..."

After a week of near snow making temperatures, Cleveland is warm and sunny again so Andrew and I took a walk in a nearby park last night. I couldn't believe how vibrant some of the trees were. Unfortunately, it was getting too dark to capture any good pictures of them.

I found a heart-shaped leaf as we were leaving.


A cozy cabin in the woods.

I love this modern take on a cabin interior. I could live there.


New Year's Eve.
The Empty Bottle.
Jens Lekman.

I want to be there.


At home.

Quick project to give myself some sense of accomplishment this week. 

Found composition in the bed.

New hair.


A few words from Northern Exposure.

Thank you, Mr. Sendak, for reminding us that we should never lose touch with the wild and untamable spirit within us all... Even up here in Alaska, we're turning our back on the beast.  We've opted for the zoo, where the lion can't eat you instead of the jungle, where he can.
 - Chris, after reading "Where The Wild Things Are"


For the ears.

The new album doesn't come out until January 12th, but they've released one of the songs on their website (http://www.vampireweekend.com). This is exactly what I needed on this chilly grey day.


Three days in purgatory.

I had jury duty this week.
Hours and hours of waiting. Hours of rotating between writing wedding "thank yous", playing Scrabble on the iPhone, and finally getting the chance to read When You are Engulfed in Flames by David Sedaris, all so I would avoid falling asleep in a room full of strangers. And the funny thing about all of it is that I'm not really sure what I was waiting for. A chance to be called into a jury for the second time (I got dismissed from the first case) just so I didn't have to sit in those terribly uncomfortable chairs anymore? Or the voice telling us we can go home and I can safely escape another day without going to an actual case which could potentially last into next week thus making me miss even more work without pay? Luckily I was released from purgatory today and need not go back for the last two days of my service.
I was completely antsy to be anywhere else but there.

However, some good things came of this. Today I brought some yarn with me and made this new scarf.

I usually make a new scarf every fall, but since I've been working on so many other projects recently it hadn't really crossed my mind yet. As for the other projects, I'm in the process of working on some comforting cold weather items for my Etsy store. Also, Three Bears has been asked to participate in a craft show in Akron on November 14th so I'm going to work on some things for that as well and post more information when I have it.