I know I'm trying to save money but...

...the colors were too lovely to pass up. And what's warm weather without a new sundress?


Sometimes I feel like I could really use one of these at work.



Vintage Empire.

If I didn't think that a majority of people would be completely confused by how to order things on Etsy I would put this on our wedding registry. I also think it would be hilarious to put this in a decadent gold frame and hang it in my mom's victorian house among the other old photos that look nearly identical to it (minus the stormtrooper helmet).

Found on Etsy here: http://SirMitchell.etsy.com


Scrap rug.

My scrap rug progress after working on it for an estimated eight hours. I think the process is going to take a lot longer than I anticipated but I'm really pleased with the results so far so I'm going to carry on. I can picture it on the floor of the studio we will have in our first apartment together and that makes me happy.


For the wedding.


The weekend.

So many possibilites lay ahead.

I've been researching a lot of homemade rugs this week. I've got a load of old sheets and t-shirts waiting to be made into something. I was considering going out to buy some plastic pipes and making myself a little DIY loom, but I've found a couple of other options for rug making that don't reguire a loom. However, I think one day I really would like to make my own loom. Weaving was one of my favorite activities from my fibers elective in school.

I have a David Sedaris book sitting on my kitchen table that I've been dying to read but I'm trying to save it until I fly to Florida next week. Once I start in on his books I can't stop.

The botanical gardens would be a good place to go this weekend. I like to take the time to just sit in the greenhouse and draw for a couple of hours.

And then there's the strawberry cupcake mix that I bought...


Pop-Cultural Charts.

If anyone was questioning why I would want to go to Alaska on my honeymoon...you've got your answer now. Although, the actual town of "Rosyln", Alaska is located in Washington state very close to Snowqualmie Falls (the falls from Twin Peaks). So that's definitely on my dream list of future vacation spots.




From my moleskine.


Listening to:

Phoenix. They're making me want to dance around in my cube despite the fact that I'm feeling very sleep deprived. I'm also getting the urge to go home and watch Lost in Translation. Mmm. Yes. There's a new Phoenix album coming out (soon I think) and I've heard songs from it on The Hype Machine. I'm excited about it.


Round and round.

Tonight was the last night of my ceramics class. It felt really good to create some art that was totally different from my day to day work. It was all for me, no customer or buyer to please. I did some experimenting with the glazes and I'm looking forward to seeing the final product when I pick them up next week. It's a little sad to have to say goodbye to the wheel when I was just starting to get the hang of it, but I'm sure I'll take it up again when I can afford to.

Drive by.

I drove by the teal house the other day and saw two pigeons sitting on the front porch. It made me smile. I miss living in that house, it always felt like home to me.

(A small collection of images I made about the teal house can be found here: http://artsyexistence.deviantart.com/gallery/#the-teal-house-)



Kinetic typography.

I saw this video during a creative lunch hour movie time we had at work today. Everything we watched was related to text in design. This video really stuck in my mind. Very clever and fun.

On Google today.

This made me smile. I love Eric Carle.


Some of my favorites from a series of souvenirs shot by Michael Hughes. From what I can tell, this series is being released as a book sometime soon.

Things like this get me in the mood to travel. I'm very excited at the idea of getting to take a honeymoon in about six months. I loved going to California with Andrew this past summer and getting to explore all sorts of new places together. It's a good feeling. I like sharing experiences like that. It would be interesting to create some sort of photo or drawing project for myself while we're on our trip, similar to this souvenir series. I think it would serve as a really wonderful memory of the trip.



When I saw it this morning I knew I wanted to draw it as soon as I had the chance. I was listening to Animal Collective at the time and it seemed very fitting.

A musical morning.

It was one of those mornings where everything that came up on shuffle in my iTunes library seemed to be exactly what I wanted to hear. That made for a decent ride to work, which is saying a lot because I hate my drive to work. Hate it. I just got done watching this amazing video that Andrew watched in one of his classes this morning. I love how, in addition to playing with mallets, the guys use their hands to control the sound. I think playing something like this would be really fun.

And on another music related note. Record Store Day is less than a month away and Music Saves is going to have a load of limited edition vinyl in the store that day so be ready!


Boxed water is better.

Not only is it a beautiful idea, it's a beautiful design. I hope these show up in Whole Foods before too long.


Fact: Bill Murray is the greatest.

Listening to:

Nate's excellent radio show on Owl Radio. I should remember to tune into this again. It's making work much better.


Clever, clever.

Poster for the band Cut Copy. A pretty great band that's definitelty worth a listen.

(Poster by Justin David Cox, www.justindavidcox.com/blog/)

Red & Blue.

Another unwanted Urban Outfitters catalogue and some ink compiled in my sketchbook. I think I need to listen to The Dodos now.


The worst/best night of sleep.

Last night was probably the worst night of sleep I've had in a long time. Despite the fact that I was tired, it took me over an hour to actually fall asleep. It was incredibly windy and I woke up at least once an hour between 2am and 6am due to random things banging around outside or drafts making horribly loud humming noises between the glass and the winterizing shrink wrap on my windows. I was late for work because I shut off my alarm on accident instead of hitting snooze one too many times. But somewhere in midst of all of that I had THE BEST dream. Somehow in my dream I ended up casually hanging out with a white-haired, suave, hilarious Mr. Bill Murray...wearing his Ghostbusters uniform. Extremely awesome, I know. And I was completely awkward and starstruck as I absolutely would have been in real life. We talked, and he hugged me and I was giddy and I wanted to tell the world that I had just become friends with BILL MURRAY! And then I saw him using his laptop and I went to go check out what he was doing, because by that point we were like old pals, and I come to find out that he was playing World of Warcraft (I blame Andrew for this). I remember his character being an armored polar bear just like Iorek Byrnison from the Golden Compass, but not like the one in the movie, the one I had imagined in my head when I first read the book in middle school. (And now I realize that this makes a lot of sense to me, that I would relate this character to my perception of Bill Murray). And so we talked about Warcraft and we hugged again and he left on a bus...and I immediately proceeded to call everyone I knew to tell them about my amazing experience. When I woke up after that I was still on this "high" of having met Bill Murray. It was so strange and great all at once.

(My friend, David Houry, drew this picture of Steve Zissou and I for my birthday present a couple of years ago.)


Moe and Tessie Rubenstein

Moe: "We've been married for 66 years. We met in high school when I was 16 years old and my wife was 15 years old. And we've gone through life together. The love we feel now is a different type of love. It is a mature love. In the beginning, of course, there was a sexual attraction but right now sex has very little to do with it. But we love each other very much. Everyday my wife expresses her love to me. Everyday she says, Did I tell you how much I love you today? Everyday. Everyday she says that."

This brought me to tears this morning. From a Photo series on the TIME magazine website by Lauren Fleishman called "Married for 50 Years: Love Ever After." (http://www.time.com/time/photogallery/0,29307,1879220,00.html)

I am so thankful for love.


70 degrees and a walk to Coventry and back.

Traded in some books at Mac's and picked out some new ones.


Rorschach's journal.

I'm loving this photo of Rorschach's journal from the Watchmen movie. It was taken by Clay Enos who was a still photographer on the film set. I'm looking forward to the movie, I hope it lives up to the original comic.


Posters, posters.

I just finished up this flyer for Standard's SXSW showcase a couple of days ago. This year they're working with Craftster to create a really awesome event with free music, food and crafts. A simplified version of this poster will be available for screenprinting onto shirts and tote bags at the booth using the new Yudu screenprinting system. I really wish I could be there for all the fun!

This poster I finished up last month but somehow missed getting it posted here. This is the second poster I've done for the Royal Theater in Danville, IN. The peacock feather in the physical version will be screen printed in gold.


Collect call from Mr. Fish.

Someday I would like to make a fun custom fish tank like this.

Things I don't like. (March 5th edition)

- Touching lunch meat.
- The use of cell phones while in a public restroom stall.
- Migraines that impair my ability to focus on anything.
- Attempting to find a reception venue that is: A) affordable, B) able to fit the number of guests we would like to have, C) within reasonable driving distance, D) exactly like the reception I've been dreaming about in my head.
- Coming to terms with the fact that the ideal reception venue doesn't exist.
- My love being in Florida once again.



From the phone.

Collected over the past few days.
Dear furniture industry,
Please make more affordable sofas that do not contain flame redardants that will fill my body with PBDE toxins. Ikea does it, so can you.
Cheryl Andrey


A good day for Big Fun.

The location?

The only location we've considered for the wedding so far. So beautiful here.