The worst/best night of sleep.

Last night was probably the worst night of sleep I've had in a long time. Despite the fact that I was tired, it took me over an hour to actually fall asleep. It was incredibly windy and I woke up at least once an hour between 2am and 6am due to random things banging around outside or drafts making horribly loud humming noises between the glass and the winterizing shrink wrap on my windows. I was late for work because I shut off my alarm on accident instead of hitting snooze one too many times. But somewhere in midst of all of that I had THE BEST dream. Somehow in my dream I ended up casually hanging out with a white-haired, suave, hilarious Mr. Bill Murray...wearing his Ghostbusters uniform. Extremely awesome, I know. And I was completely awkward and starstruck as I absolutely would have been in real life. We talked, and he hugged me and I was giddy and I wanted to tell the world that I had just become friends with BILL MURRAY! And then I saw him using his laptop and I went to go check out what he was doing, because by that point we were like old pals, and I come to find out that he was playing World of Warcraft (I blame Andrew for this). I remember his character being an armored polar bear just like Iorek Byrnison from the Golden Compass, but not like the one in the movie, the one I had imagined in my head when I first read the book in middle school. (And now I realize that this makes a lot of sense to me, that I would relate this character to my perception of Bill Murray). And so we talked about Warcraft and we hugged again and he left on a bus...and I immediately proceeded to call everyone I knew to tell them about my amazing experience. When I woke up after that I was still on this "high" of having met Bill Murray. It was so strange and great all at once.

(My friend, David Houry, drew this picture of Steve Zissou and I for my birthday present a couple of years ago.)

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