Hello again real world.

Andrew and I got back yesterday evening from one wonderful week in Southern California. I have pictures and stories to share about the wedding (which was completely perfect) and our trip, but those will have to wait until another time when suitcases have been unpacked, clothes have been washed, the house has been cleaned, and I have cleared my desk and dining room table of all wedding planning related materials.

Tonight I would like to re-organize myself and make something cheery for our home.


Wooly Bully.

This weekend, while making one last visit to the wedding location before the big day, I stumbled upon a cute fuzzy Wooly Bear.
Which I then felt the need to place in Andrew's beard. 

They bonded. 


Marriage License?

Now only another 20+ things to accomplish on this wedding to-do list.


Mmmm. Tasty.

Tonight we made homemade mocha lattes with our new espresso machine.