The Wave Organ.

I stumbled across a small blurb about San Francisco's Wave Organ while I was browsing through some local interest books at a Barnes & Noble in San Jose. Being on vacation in California, and looking for some touristy things to do, I jotted it down in my Moleskine and later searched the web for more information on it. Out of everything that I saw in the past two weeks in California, the Wave Organ was one of my most favorite. The whole experience was sort of surreal.

Wikipedia. Exploratorium.


Yeondoo Jung.

I think it's really interesting to see a child's simple translation of life translated, once again, back into real life.

Yeondoo Jung.


Nathaniel Murray.

Some people claim I'm only friends with him because he shares the same last name as the great Bill Murray who I spend many hours dreaming about...this is only partly true. Nathaniel is an all around pretty great guy and artist.

Nathaniel on Virb.