Foreign Film-a-thon.

I spent my weeknights with these gems:

The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

Le Grand Voyage. (filmmovement.com)

Since Otar Left.



My green thumb has been begging me to use it all summer. I'm slowly filling every inch of free space on my porch with pots, and plants, and more plants. Today I purchased some new friends here: www.gosucculent.com.


Miwa Koizumi.

Plastic bottles turned into jellyfish by Miwa Koizumi. Brilliant and beautiful.


William Eggleston.

William Eggleston is by far one of my favorite photographers. This image is incredible.


Grady Mcferrin.

Grady Mcferrin has been a great source of inspiration to me for a couple of years now. I really enjoy the linear patterns he creates within his images and the colors are always beautiful.


"...feed the birds, toppins a bag..."


I learned this week that there are a large number of wild parrots living in the New York area. I think it's amazing, and a little surreal, how these birds have just become a part of the wildlife.



This image makes me smile.

The flag in the background made me think of the book States of Mind by Brad Herzog. It's a travel narrative about the author and his wife trekking across the US in a Winnebago they call the Rolling Stone visiting places with names such as: Love, Hope, Inspiration, and Friendship to find out if they are true to their names. One of my favorite books.


For the Wee Ones.

The more and more I think about it, the more and more I want to be a children's book illustrator.

I had the opportunity to go to a presentation by J. Otto yesterday. It was wonderful. I'm excited to start my thesis project.


Volvo = A Work of Art.

In honor of my Volvo finally being up and running.

Orange by Maria in Motion at Deviant Art.

Untitled (Volvo) by David Korty.

by France Belleville.

Volvo by Alois Mosbacher.

Wrapped automobile (Project for Volvo 122-5 Sport Sedan) by Christo.


Blue Suede Shoes.

(I'm not an Elvis fan but...)

Alfred Wertheimer's images in Elvis at 21: New York to Memphis are an incredible view of Elvis' life that is extremely intimate. It's more than documenting a "star", he's showing us a real person. The images that I could find online from this book weren't any of my favorites although they're still wonderful and I'd highly suggest sitting down in a plush chair and taking a look at the rest of them next time you're in one of those big chain bookstores. This book made me go on a wild search for more of Wertheimer's work. Beautiful images.

I think music history is fascinating.



My time working with the Viktor Schreckengost foundation was undeniably the best, and most rewarding, experience I've had so far as an artist. Not only was I working to recreate an icon in art history, but I was also learning so much about the artist himself. I feel very privledged to have met Vik on several occaisions and to be welcomed into his home which housed a museum's worth of his work.

The last image is a recreation of the New Yorker parabolic jazz bowl. I believe it's actually one of the ones that I worked on. The photographs of the original bowls don't show off the design well enough.

I really miss the feel of carving into that pottery. It was relaxation at it's finest.


Ian Dingman.

Ian Dingman.

Beautiful use of color. Flat washes, fine lines. Delicate and bold all at once.

I'm in love.

The Science of Creating.

One artist I'm currently enamored by is Lauri Faggioni. Her art was scattered throughout the Michel Gondry film,The Science of Sleep. Now, nearly a year after the film premiered, I find out that there was a gallery show featuring a large number of the sets, props, and other creations that were made for The Science of Sleep by Gondry and Faggioni that was on exhibit at the same time that the movie premiered. Had I known then, I would have been in New York in an instant to see it.

(A jellyfish, my favorite of course.)


"...we'll begin with a spin..."

I'm starting this blog with the intent of posting things that inspire and delight me in hopes that others might also see the wonderful in them.

Ryan Russell captured this moment. David Bazan. John Krasinski. Happiness.

The Hype Machine beauty: "Pure Imagination"