The Science of Creating.

One artist I'm currently enamored by is Lauri Faggioni. Her art was scattered throughout the Michel Gondry film,The Science of Sleep. Now, nearly a year after the film premiered, I find out that there was a gallery show featuring a large number of the sets, props, and other creations that were made for The Science of Sleep by Gondry and Faggioni that was on exhibit at the same time that the movie premiered. Had I known then, I would have been in New York in an instant to see it.

(A jellyfish, my favorite of course.)


  1. Yay! A Cheryl blog! It looks great. I can't wait to read more and see more pictures, art, ect. On a totally unrelated note, I saw the new Harry Potter movie at midnight last night- AWESOME! I was even on the news this morning!

  2. Hi Lauri Faggioni my name is Bianca.

    I love, love, your creatures. I've seen the Science of Sleep and I just fell in love with it. I saw your segment at the end of the movie and your are a very talented person. You truly inspire me.

    One last thing. DO you make any Golden the Pony Boys that your sell, or are they all one of a kind?
    My mom had a horse once and she loves anything handmade.I thought it would be the perfect birthday present.

    - Bianca