Volvo = A Work of Art.

In honor of my Volvo finally being up and running.

Orange by Maria in Motion at Deviant Art.

Untitled (Volvo) by David Korty.

by France Belleville.

Volvo by Alois Mosbacher.

Wrapped automobile (Project for Volvo 122-5 Sport Sedan) by Christo.


  1. Cheryl,

    This is Glen, Thomas's dad. I really like your Volvo pics. I have been a Volvo lover since I was a teen and have had several, as Thomas probably told you. The pic of the blue one is my favorite.

    This probably won't matter to you since the pic is not by you but, the last pic was of one that was wrapped up and called a project for Volvo 122. Actually that is a Volvo 544. Wikipedia the Volvo 122 or Amazon, and then the Volvo 544 and see what you think. Volvo afficianado's notice those details. This fits under the "who cares" category for sure but .....

  2. Sorry it took me so long to comment on this, but this collection of Volvo cars really made me smile. Thanks for throwing mine in there :-)
    I didn't know Christo had wrapped up a Volvo. I think my favorite is the first one you posted by Maria in Motion. Hmmm.