The Gospel.

There are sights that I've seen that can take your breath away. The Grand Canyon. The redwood forests. Yellowstone. The Milky Way on the a dark, dark night.

And then there are the sights that I see every day, but for some reason, on that one day for no particular reason, I stop to pause and realize just how incredible the moon looks in my own backyard. 

All of those remind me that His creation is everywhere. The Gospel is everywhere.

(Another piece from my most recent show.)



Another piece from my recent show. 
The wanderlust in me envies the lives of the bison spent roaming the west. They are some of the most magnificent creatures I've ever encountered.


Go To The Mountaintop.

This is the first of several pieces I'll be sharing that I made for a group show with some good friends at AG. This particular one was inspired by the National Parks documentary by Ken Burns. 

I'm making giclee prints of a few of these and may make them available for purchase in my Etsy shop if there is enough interest.