Oh bother.

I really really want to just sit down to draw and create but I can't allow myself to do that until the house is unpacked and settled.



The past couple of weeks have definitely been a blur. Between wedding things, packing, moving, and Andrew moving up here I feel like I've had no free time (not that it's a bad thing). Sunday night we had a break from cleaning and unpacking the new place when we went to the Grog Shop with some good friends to see The Octopus Project. In typical Grog Shop fashion, the show started hours late and we didn't get home till 2 am, and even though I was terribly tired at work all day Monday it was worth it.

We're holding off on getting internet at home for the next month or two so my posting may be a little sparse.

I realized I haven't posted any of my collaborative pieces with the other bears lately so below is a little update.
(Click to enlarge.)


Today is not just another day.

Today is the day before the love of my life and I will finally be living in the same house together, let alone the same state. But there are other things that have made today great even in the few hours that I have been awake. The first being a free chocolate frosted rainbow sprinkled doughnut. The second being the discovery of "my desk" in an alternate universe:

I mean, we've got the iMac, Worf mug (which I'm now going to be on a mission to find), Dunder Mifflin mousepad, owl print, and a cute Kamilba. Perfect. (image via: http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com)

And third, I got an e-mail from TOMS shoes saying they had new fall styles out and there are two that I really love. Just in time too, I was getting ready to buy a new pair.


Dear J.Crew,

I love this outfit (and I normally don't like pink at all). Please make it affordable.
Cheryl Andrey


Porch gardening.

I was quite surprised to find this blooming on my porch today. I had no idea I was growing black sunflowers. Listening to the Black Keys, always fitting for a hot summer day.


- MJ Tuesday
- keys to a new home
- apartment full of boxes
- making a surprise for my love
- booked flights and hotel rooms for a honeymoon in California with my future last name
- feeling extremely impatient


A definite win.

As I've been packing up my apartment over the past few days I've been doing some downsizing. Making bags of items for Goodwill that I haven't used in a while and can't repurpose, returning dishes to my mom that I've managed to keep for too long, and taking some cds and video games out of my collections that I haven't had any interest in for a while. So amidst some other errands I had to run this morning I stopped at the Exchange handed them my bag full of trade ins. I realized I had a lot of stuff, but most of it was CDs that I bought in middle school/early high school that I never wanted to hear again or N64 games that I had already beaten at least once. I couldn't believe it when they told me my trade in vaule...$115 store credit! So I made some worthwhile purchases, a Sting cd that I hadn't heard (it was in the $1 section so I figured why not?), The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion Collection so I can replace my original VHS copy that's getting a bit worn out, and the new Ghostbusters game for the Wii. Plus, I got about $50 back in cash after all that. Score. Now I'm off to play some Ghostbusters...


Dumpster diving...literally.

Dumpster pools in urban parking lots. I haven't been swimming yet this year and these look very inviting.
(via ReadyMade)


The Jackson 5.

Love the color.


Rock with you.

We've been having a sort of Michael Jackson marathon in our tiny room of two cubes and my desk area (I will not call it a "cube"...it's more like a closet). It started for obvious reasons, but continues on because we all feel the need to listen to some music instead of listening to the portable air purifier run all day and so far Michael is the only thing we can all agree on and fully enjoy. This is possibly my favorite MJ song and on top of that I've had it stuck in my head all day since I left work so I felt like posting this. His dance moves are so amazing. Maybe I should study him in preparation for the wedding reception.



I came across this platter on Etsy today and got pretty excited. So it's my housewarming gift to myself. My first piece of Schreckengost designed dinnerware. This particular piece has the North Star design and was manufactured by Salem. This is probably one of my top 5 designs by him, which is notable considering he has over 100 dinnerware designs. My favorite is his free form aquaria fish design, but I've never actually come across one of those. Anyways, I fell in love with his work when I started learning about him and later worked in his studio. He was an incredible designer.

I'm ready to make a home for us.

And I'm so tired of delays.

The Gee's Bend quilts are so beautiful and inspiring. I'm looking forward to making another quilt soon.


Independence day.

Here in Little Italy we celebrate the freedom to shoot off fireworks in the middle of the street while buses and cars wait to pass. Probably the most unsafe yet wonderful fireworks display I've ever experienced.


Today's listening:

A friend at work shared this album with me earlier this week and today I discovered it's great listening for a day of being productive at home. Some Ra Ra Riot and some Vampire Weekend, all goodness. The gorgeous album cover almost matches my shirt today.

The only thing better than a three day weekend is a surprise three day weekend.


Dearest perfect apartment,
Andrew and I are looking for you. Please turn up without difficulty.
Cheryl Andrey