A definite win.

As I've been packing up my apartment over the past few days I've been doing some downsizing. Making bags of items for Goodwill that I haven't used in a while and can't repurpose, returning dishes to my mom that I've managed to keep for too long, and taking some cds and video games out of my collections that I haven't had any interest in for a while. So amidst some other errands I had to run this morning I stopped at the Exchange handed them my bag full of trade ins. I realized I had a lot of stuff, but most of it was CDs that I bought in middle school/early high school that I never wanted to hear again or N64 games that I had already beaten at least once. I couldn't believe it when they told me my trade in vaule...$115 store credit! So I made some worthwhile purchases, a Sting cd that I hadn't heard (it was in the $1 section so I figured why not?), The Royal Tenenbaums Criterion Collection so I can replace my original VHS copy that's getting a bit worn out, and the new Ghostbusters game for the Wii. Plus, I got about $50 back in cash after all that. Score. Now I'm off to play some Ghostbusters...

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