Sunset as I was leaving work.

Through the lens of Alan Light.

One of my favorite winter pastimes is to curl up on the couch under a blanket with a delicious warm drink and re-watch my favorite old tv shows. In fact, it's been at least 4 years since I last spent a winter without watching at least an entire season of Northern Exposure. There's something about that show in particular that makes me feel so comfortable and at home. Anyways, I recently came across the Flickr page of photographer Alan Light and was completely delighted to find so many pictures of my the actors and actresses from my favorite "comfort shows". These all come from various Emmy Awards events from 1990 to 1997.

(I think Janine Turner is completely gorgeous.)


Inspired by color chips.

I came across this page via another blog and was really inspired by the idea. A goal of mine for 2010 is to create something in my sketchbook every day. It's seen a major dry spell this past year for many reasons. I think I'd like to use this idea to start a little daily project for myself, the color chip being an inspiration for anything ranging from a drawing, to writing, to a collage. A stepping stone of sorts.

A Christmas rainbow.

We saw bits and pieces of this rainbow on our way back home on Christmas day. It never quite made a full arch, but was still a beautiful sight.


Homemade Christmas.

Pictures of some of the things I made for Christmas this year. Our family Christmas theme was "green" so most of the gifts were purchased at resale shops or homemade.

I made this yo-yo doily for my aunt. I made two other gifts with the yo-yos, a pillow for my cousin and a table runner for my other aunt. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of those before I wrapped them up.

Pieces part of the recycled shirt quilt that I am still making my dad. I gave it to him and took it back so I could complete it. Apparently Emma likes it in any stage of completion though.

The pictures above are of the garland I made for our home. The stocking on the right in the bottom picture I made for Andrew. I had intended on making a new one for both of us, but I didn't have enough time. There's always next year.


Schreckengost love.

I found this on Etsy today. A Schreckengost designed teacup and saucer. I love his special three-footed teacups, they were designed to not leave a ring of tea in the saucer if any spilled. This "Primitive" pattern is one of my favorite designs by Schreckengost, I've never seen this one outside of books before except on a tea set that was on display in his home. I'd love to add this to my small collection, but it's far out of my price range.

(On Etsy, here.)


A tree to hang my coat on.

I really really like the idea of a tree shaped/natural looking coat rack. Unfortunately, they're all far too expensive for us. So I'll just continue to try and convince Andrew to make one for me.

Sanna Annukka.

I just came across this artist this week and wow. I think her work is wonderful. All of the pattern and detail makes me study each inch of every image.


A few days before Christmas.

- I'm really feeling the need for a "winter break". At least a week with no impending deadlines, no errands to run, no jobs to be finished. Just time to relax, be a wife, pet the cats, tend to the plants, and create.
- I'm looking forward to this weekend so I can finally clean and organize the house which I feel like I have been neglecting in many ways since before the wedding.
- In an ideal world, our espresso machine would clean its self.
- All I want to do this winter is make a quilt for us.
- I miss being in a creative environment that truly motivates me.

Indian leg wrestling.

My husband and cousin on the living room floor of my grandparent's home. Fun for the whole family.


The annual cookie bake-a-thon.

Cookie baking day was a tradition that started with my grandma and I when I was little. She used to have me over to her house for a few hours of baking sugar cookies which I'd share with the family when we all got together on Christmas Eve. Many years down the road now, and two cousins added into the mix, the cookie baking has become a day long event which includes pretty much the whole family. The baking is no longer limited to sugar cookies and now includes dozens and dozens of other cookies and sugary concoctions. We also moved the "bakery" to my aunt's house so we could utilize her double ovens. When it comes to the sugar cookies, my cousins and I love to use every cookie cutter available between my grandma and aunts...this explains the Christmas turkeys, witches, dinosaurs, and Porky the Pig.

We did, unfortunately, have one tray of casualties this year. Fingers could not be pointed though since everyone claimed that someone else was in charge of the timer for that batch.


Conquering the cold.

This guy knows how to do it.

Winter wonderland.

I'd take that for Christmas. So gorgeous. Someday I will experience that for myself.

It's most definitely that time of year again.

Let the daily listening begin.


"...Oh (tinsel) Christmas Tree..."

We set up our first Christmas tree together this past week. Instead of taking our chances with the cats climbing, or knocking down a large tree, we decided (or rather, I convinced Andrew) that we should set up my great grandma's antique aluminum tree. As you can see, the cats weren't really entertained by it.
Since we try and make eco-conscious decisions in our house, we went out and bought some new "warm" LED lights to try out. I have never been particularly fond of LED lights but I thought I'd give the "warm" white a try. We learned a valuable lesson that night...LED lights, no matter how "warm" they claim to be, will turn your reflective aluminum tree into something that resembles an intensely radioactive cone of light. Needless to say, the lights are going to be on their way back to the store soon, I'll find other ways to conserve energy.
Some of the ornaments that made it onto the tree are ones that have been in my family for a long time. The santa above was made out of egg cartons and cotton balls by my great grandpa. Others are ones that my parents had been saving for me since my first Christmas. The newest addition to the collection is an enameled whale ornament that Andrew and I bought on our honeymoon.
I've really enjoyed spending time by the Christmas tree this year. It's really making this winter a little more cozy.


Dear Santa,

I just fell in love with this turntable.
Cheryl Andrey

Thinking of Alaska.

I've been looking into some alaskan art recently. My search has sort of been all over the place consisting of Native American art as well as those who are professionally trained. These two paintings of the aurora borealis really caught my eye. Personally, I feel that it's rare for an artist to capture this natural phenomenon without it looking overly dramatic and cheesy but there is something about these that is very genuine. I have this idea in my head of the Alaskan wilderness being a very quiet place. These paintings are quiet to me. 

(Byron Birdsall - "Aurora")

(Sydney Lawrence - "Northern Lights" - A print of this actually hangs above Maurice's mantle in Northern Exposure.)

Laura Palmer would die for this...

I was stream of consciousness browsing on Ebay and came across this gem! Seriously, a Twin Peaks board game? AWESOME!


What the cuss?

Andrew and I went to see The Fantastic Mr. Fox last night. There was so much about it that was...fantastic! The incredible amount of tiny details in every scene was one of my favorite aspects of it. I feel like I need to watch it another two or three times before I could really take it all in. I loved how some of the characters even seemed to take on the features and expressions of the voice actors. Compared to Anderson's most recent films, it was a change to not see super saturated blues and yellows in the imagery, but it was a nice (and necessary) change.  And of course, the soundtrack was excellent. I can't wait to get a copy of it, the Beach Boys really did it for me. I would recommend this movie to anyone. It may be based on a children's story, but it's certainly made to appeal to everyone.

Today I found some great stills of my favorite, Bill Murray, on the set.