Homemade Christmas.

Pictures of some of the things I made for Christmas this year. Our family Christmas theme was "green" so most of the gifts were purchased at resale shops or homemade.

I made this yo-yo doily for my aunt. I made two other gifts with the yo-yos, a pillow for my cousin and a table runner for my other aunt. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pictures of those before I wrapped them up.

Pieces part of the recycled shirt quilt that I am still making my dad. I gave it to him and took it back so I could complete it. Apparently Emma likes it in any stage of completion though.

The pictures above are of the garland I made for our home. The stocking on the right in the bottom picture I made for Andrew. I had intended on making a new one for both of us, but I didn't have enough time. There's always next year.

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