Low art, high art, God's art.

Animal Collective - Leaf House.

The sun returns to Cleveland.

Right now I am torn between staying home and working on the t-shirt design that I need to finish or going out for a walk and a coffee (perhaps taking a quick stroll through the botanical gardens as well?). Sheesh. It's so lovely out. The snow and grey have gone and it's warm enough to go jacket-less again. I think going outside is essential. Drawing will have to wait until later.

Andy Gilmore.


Starlings in Flight.

(Found via even*cleveland.)



They're fascinating.

I saw the bright shinies.

The Octopus Project "I Saw The Bright Shinies" from Peek-A-Boo Records on Vimeo.

I just got home from seeing the Octopus Project in concert. It was wonderful. I have more to say but it is time to sleep.


Pre-Halloween partying.

Autumn sky.

And then there was rain, and hail, and hail so small it was almost snow. Almost.

Blustery day.

It's a good day to have off. Even if I am feeling under the weather. Speaking of weather, there's a chance of snow tomorrow and temperatures return to the 60s later in the week. Oh, Cleveland, you are ridiculous.

(The cloud is a remnant from my first Halloween costume of the season. I'm working on another for this weekend's party.)


Meet Fishy Poo.

My entry for the Midwest Plushform show. The Plushforms will be auctioned off with a portion of the money raised going to Toys for Tots. So, if you'd like to make Fishy Poo your own, while donating to a great cause, go to the website below to find out how.


Polaroid lives on...in digital.

Poladroid is the greatest little application available for Macs. Download it, drag and drop your pictures onto the mini Polaroid camera and presto! You've got an instant Polaroid picture, classic film characteristics and all. Did I mention you can even shake it?


Talk to the hand.

(Torn from my placemat at the Boca Diner last week while eating breakfast with Andrew and Matt.)

Mustachio Bashio.

I drew the logo for this year's event. All of my male friends in Florida will be rocking a stache for the next couple of weeks.

Jeff Goldblum teaches Swedish.

Another gem from the Ikea training series.


Minilogue - Animals from ljudbilden on Vimeo.

I love that this is filmed in a candid, cinéma vérité, style. It makes me believe that these crazy creatures are actually existing in the environment.

10 a.m. meeting.

(while marching a paper Salvador Dali cut-out across the table.)
co-worker: "I'm Salvador Dali!"
boss: "I'm sooo surreal!"



I think these are wonderful. The combination of the handmade functional object with political advertising is just really pleasing to me. It's good to hear and see real voices.

The Märchen, practice.

Music is so inspiring.



Off to Florida tomorrow.

Today's good news:


Color swatch scraps that have been collecting in piles around my desk.



Creating silly things like this make me momentarily forget to count the days until I get to see him again.


The Rainbow Connection.

It's that time of day again.


The new Margot albums finally arrived in the mail.

Grocery Shopping at Marc's.

Son: "Dad, what's this?"
Dad: "It's food. F-O-D-D"
(And no, I didn't misspell that, it's a direct quote.)

When I was checking out I realized that I hadn't brought my re-useable bags with me. Marc's had some of their own for sale so I bought one since I could use an extra anyways. The cashier rang it up and I didn't notice until I was putting my bags back into the cart that she didn't actually use the bag for my groceries. Instead, she placed it, by it's self, inside of a plastic bag. I wanted to laugh, or cry, or something. It was just so wrong on a number of levels.

Thanks Chris.

Glad you didn't think the world was flat too.


Big Fun.

Ensnaring my prey.

I think Andrew should be Mr.Spock for Halloween.