Falling in love with this album all over again.


Winter storms and migraines.

I was home today, not fully due to the ridiculous amount of snow that was falling when I woke up, but mostly because of the killer migraine that I woke up with. I spent a lot of time finishing the needle felting the polar bear that I started yesterday. The process can be really relaxing.




Some quick pigeon drawings I did for a collaborative piece with a good friend. Even though the final outcome was a digital file, I couldn't bear to throw my actual ink drawings away so I taped them in my moleskine. 

We have a winter storm blowing outside and I'm sitting at my desk needle-felting a small polar bear. If my dream comes true, it will snow so much that I can't possibly get to work tomorrow. 


Thanks Ira.

This American Life made me cry on my way to work this morning and I've been in a funk ever since. This week has been exhausting and it's only Wednesday.


On a Sunday.

Interesting shadows in the office. We took a walk around the neighborhood since the weather was nice. I took some pictures of an art installation that happened this summer. They make me feel like I'm in a Dr. Seuss story. 



It seems that for the past week or so every time I start to get hungry I immediately crave In-N-Out Burger. This would be fine if the closest one wasn't 1,752 miles away from me. I thought it would be a good idea to share this picture from our honeymoon along with this post, but now I realize it's just making me crave it more.

(I'm pretty sure our final In-N-Out Burger count for that trip was five times. Five delicious times. Mmm.)

Cheering up the grey.

I was inspired by hellojenuine to make some colorful garlands to cheer up my grey cubicle at work. I punched these circles out of scrap paper and paper bags that I had collected. I love the neon orange that was screen printed on the inside of an old Urban Outfitters bag. 


The bedroom: in Technicolor.

Andrew gave me this amazing print by Christopher Bettig for Christmas and I recently spent some birthday gift cards to get it custom framed so we could properly display it. I love how it, in combination with our new afghan, brings so much cheer to our white room.

A heart? Or maybe more like an apple?


"...you need some lovin' TLC..."

weekend was a restful one. And snowy. But not quite snowy enough. We received a belated wedding gift in the mail from our good friends Mike and Sarah which turned out to be an absolutely gorgeous afghan which she crocheted herself. It fits our bed perfectly and brings some much needed color into our room. Bowie was quick to test it out. I'm pretty sure he approved. Our poor attempt at a Valentine's Day date was foiled when we found that our favorite chinese restaurant was already completely booked up so instead we opted for a cozy night home. Organic chocolate cake and mimosas for dinner while we finished beating Super Mario Brothers Wii. Quite a perfect night actually.

Rick Bartow

I happened across some pieces by Rick Bartow while searching for native american mask imagery. The native aesthetic has been very influential on me lately and I really appreciate the way that Bartow incorporates it into his work.


Disappointed in the lack of snow in Cleveland. 
Just enough to be an inconvenience. 
Not enough to keep me at home. Content. Creating. 


I have no idea where this image originated from, but it looks 100% cozy.



I saw this photograph of our last solar eclipse several weeks ago and saved it on my desktop. Images like this are so amazing to me that I don't think I ever really absorb the fact that they are real. This is one of the reasons why I want to see the aurora borealis at some point in my life. I feel like it will be completely overwhelming to me, like nothing I have ever witnessed before, and that's very exciting.

(Photograph found here: http://www.scientificamerican.com/gallery_directory.cfm?photo_id=71C9B58A-B27F-B7AE-D41E9E4A7EB9982D)


"...Don't stop till you get enough..."

A new book to ogle over.

I'm so happy that this exists.


This blog makes me wish I had a commute which allowed me to sit and read. Or just more time to read in general. Also, I'm committing to not reading more than one book at a time*. I have too many half-read books laying around.

*Not including books that Andrew and I are reading together, or the Bible. Although maybe it should include the Bible. Maybe that should be another commitment altogether.


"I used to think of all the billions of people in the world, and of all those people, how was I going to meet the right ones? The right ones to be my friends, the right one to be my husband. Now I just believe you meet the people you're supposed to meet."
- Maggie O'Connell from Northern Exposure, The Quest


Lost love.

Since I'm still mulling over last night's premiere...I saw a few of these posters by Mattson Creative posted on another site and I just had to share my favorites.


Some days just look cold.

A good one.

This weekend was a good one. We drove to my dad's house in Pennsylvania to celebrate both of our birthdays. It was great to spend time with my family as always. On the drive home we enjoyed an amazing sunset while listening to The Fantastic Mr. Fox soundtrack (one of my birthday gifts!).

Last night Andrew and I went to the Cinematheque at CIA to see Gentlemen Broncos. It was pretty hilarious and if you happen to be a sci-fi fan who enjoyed Napoleon Dynamite then I definitely suggest this movie to you. While we were there I found some of my artwork lingering in the halls.

I also sold the last of my costumed kitties pieces yesterday on Etsy. I've been seriously slacking with updates in my Etsy store but I do have some in the works. I'm looking forward to this week. I have a lot of reading, making, and riding on my to-do list but most importantly...Lost returns on Tuesday!