Thanks Ira.

This American Life made me cry on my way to work this morning and I've been in a funk ever since. This week has been exhausting and it's only Wednesday.


  1. The new one about Lucy the chimp? I just listened to it last night and shook my head the whole way through. Shame on people who conduct those kinds of experiments with no consideration for the consequences.

  2. No, I didn't even get to that one...It was the story before that. I actually ended up shutting it off.

  3. the one where their parents suggest shows? it wasn't the best, but there were still good parts, which i guess was going to happen given the idea of the show. i laughed to myself when they cut off the story that they cut off (see how well i remember it?), because it made me realise i totally wasn't even listening anymore.

    or do you mean the parent trap episode? sorry, i listened to them both on the train last night/today, so they're fresh in my mind.

    chin up, hope you get out of your funk soon. :)

  4. I was talking about the Parent Trap episode.

    I really enjoyed the one with the parent suggested ideas. I laughed really hard, especially at the Erie Canal one. Some of the trails along the Erie Canal aren't far from me, I want to bike them this summer.

  5. i loved the eerie canal one. the little dittys get stuck in my head, it seems, as sometimes i get the 'chick-fil-a' song from a few episodes back in my head sometimes, & you don't even get chick-fil-a here.