Today is not just another day.

Today is the day before the love of my life and I will finally be living in the same house together, let alone the same state. But there are other things that have made today great even in the few hours that I have been awake. The first being a free chocolate frosted rainbow sprinkled doughnut. The second being the discovery of "my desk" in an alternate universe:

I mean, we've got the iMac, Worf mug (which I'm now going to be on a mission to find), Dunder Mifflin mousepad, owl print, and a cute Kamilba. Perfect. (image via: http://desiretoinspire.blogspot.com)

And third, I got an e-mail from TOMS shoes saying they had new fall styles out and there are two that I really love. Just in time too, I was getting ready to buy a new pair.

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