My time working with the Viktor Schreckengost foundation was undeniably the best, and most rewarding, experience I've had so far as an artist. Not only was I working to recreate an icon in art history, but I was also learning so much about the artist himself. I feel very privledged to have met Vik on several occaisions and to be welcomed into his home which housed a museum's worth of his work.

The last image is a recreation of the New Yorker parabolic jazz bowl. I believe it's actually one of the ones that I worked on. The photographs of the original bowls don't show off the design well enough.

I really miss the feel of carving into that pottery. It was relaxation at it's finest.


  1. Very cool, I've never worked with any names... not that there really are any philosophers alive that are named, but I love the way the New Yorker jazz bowl looks, it has that feel of rough brass instruments and smooth piano held together by a steady drum beat.

    Well, I have to go to class, take care!

  2. hey, can you please tell me the name of the piece 3rd down in your post? I'm trying to find a print of it. (or at least where you found the image?) thanks!!!

  3. I do not remember the name of this particular piece, but at one point I got the image from the gallery at ViktorSchreckengost.org. I am pretty sure this particular image is not sold as a print.