Olympic National Park.

I was still breaking in a new pair of hiking boots. They were covered in a thick red dust from a five mile hike we had taken a day earlier just outside of Roslyn. While most of the plant life was different, a lot of that hike reminded me of Sedona. The red dust being a big part of it, but also the smell. That warm pine smell. It's fantastic. But when we got to Olympic National Park the only red dust was on my boots and the air was heavy and mossy. 

The hike through the Hoh Rainforest was as impressive as I expected it to be. Huge old growth trees dripping in mosses. It was nothing like anything I'd ever seen before. The word "magical" comes to mind when I think back on it. 

In the car on our way to Ruby Beach I remember the way we turned around a small bend and it seemed that we had traveled to a completely different place. The sky was overcast and fog was creeping through the the trees. We had to roll up the windows due to the chill. 

Timing our trip to the beach to coincide with low tide was the best decision since it allowed us to check out some really awesome tidal pools and explore the beach a lot more than we would have been able to had the water been up. I loved the colored bands that the barnacles and oysters left across the rocks. 

The sun peeked out just as we were leaving. We easily could have spent another day or two in the park. I'd love to see the entire coast some time and do some hiking in the mountains. Another time. 

More photos HERE.


  1. So cool to see your point of view visiting the same places I did. Glad to know the cairns are still there at Ruby Beach! http://chelsearoberson.com/blog/2013/12/29/101813-ruby-beach

    1. The cairns were such an awesome little surprise! I love the difference in atmosphere between our two sets of photos.

  2. Wow, such beautiful pictures! Looks like an amazing time.

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  4. gorgeous photos! I want to visit here so bad one day!!!