Twenty Twelve.

We celebrated the New Year at our house with some good friends of ours. Party hats + noise makers required of course. Maybe it was the fact that I was a little under the weather, but something about this New Year's celebration seemed drastically less eventful (special? magical?) than the years past. Although I suppose it's slightly been going downhill in importance since I reached the age in which I was staying up until midnight on a regular basis anyways. Either way, it was really great to spend time with our friends who we've neglected since this whole home buying thing began. It's been a stressful and tough year, no doubt about it. I have a feeling that 2012 is going to be pretty awesome though. 

I didn't make any goals for myself this year. At least not yet. I have some things in mind that I want to accomplish, most of them involving the house, but I don't want to miss any opportunities that present themselves to me. If all goes well I will have a brand new studio to move into within the next week and that is something I'm really looking forward to. 

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