Going back to Little Italy.

I called Little Italy home for four years. It is one of my absolute favorite places in Cleveland and so many of my best memories were made there. I love the atmosphere, the walkability, and the food. Definitely the food. So with that being said, I'm really excited to share that I will now have my work for sale in a new breakfast nook/gallery in Little Italy called Sunny Side Up! The grand opening is on March 1st. It will include a few pieces I made over the summer as well as some new ones like this:

I'm looking forward to the opening and I hope for a big turnout so if you're free on the 1st and live in the Cleveland area please come support some local artists!


  1. yyayayyy!!!! that's so awesome. congrats cheryl!

  2. That's awesome, best of luck. All your artwork is really original, sure you'll do well.

    I really like your use of white and empty space, it makes the image simple, clean, and there is nothing to detract from the subject.

    And the robin is great! We only get to see them for a few months of the year here.

  3. I love this little guy! I am nowhere near Cleveland...wish I was! Can we buy your artwork anywhere else?

  4. Kirsty, not right now, no. At some point I would like to get some prints available in my Etsy store, but not anytime in the near furture.