Vacation: Part Three.

On the third day we had a good portion of the day to spend in Cozumel. If I could do it over again I would have better prepared us for the amount of time we spent there. A guidebook would have been helpful. We were dissuaded from the excursion that we had originally planned on taking after we found out that half the time was spent traveling to the mainland. As it played out, we spent our time in Cozumel walking around, seeking out air conditioning, shopping, and eating. Not a bad time at all, but I feel like we missed out on a lot.

One of the first things we noticed about Cozumel was the number of Volkswagens that were there. We took a taxi into town and Andrew asked our driver about it. "They're cheap, easy to fix, and it's easy to find parts for them." 

The color in Cozumel was like heaven to me. I couldn't get enough of the super saturated buildings and goods. There were so many unexpected combinations of color and pattern. One of my favorite moments from the whole day was this welcome mat in the entrance to a church. 

It was hot. Definitely not breezy like it had been in Key West and on the boat. Luckily I had packed a water bottle and we rested in the shade for a while. 

I left Cozumel inspired, stomach full of delicious food, completely exhausted,  and my love of old beetles rekindled tenfold. I snapped this picture of the sun setting from our cabin window that night before we went to indulge in a little dessert in the dining room. Three words: molten chocolate cake. 

We spent the following day traveling at sea and returned to the port of Miami the next morning. It's nice to be back in Cleveland now, although I miss the warm weather. I'm feeling motivated to get back to work on the house. I have a lot of ideas for new drawings. I know that my wanderlust has only been temporarily quenched. Much of the drive home was spent thinking about where we might go on our next adventure.

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  1. Just love these pics. Wow, so great. For a minute there, I was sort of projecting myself into the scenes. I could almost smell the smells and feel the textures. I'm glad you had a nice time and experienced all of this. AWESOME!!!