Weapons of Mass Creation Fest 2012.

I just wanted to share that Charlie and I will be representing Three Bears at WMC Fest this year and we're really excited about it. There's a LOT of great stuff happening at this weekend event. If you can, come and check out our work in the gallery, hear a great band, or be inspired by a speaker. It's things like this that remind me how much I love Cleveland.


  1. Wahoo! I will be there this weekend too. Are you guys going to be giving a presentation, or are you going to be selling your wares?

    Did you catch me in the video? I always hate hearing myself talk in videos. But at least they dubbed it over a clip of me laughing. :)

  2. Mandi, I hope I see you there!

    We will have work for sale in the gallery. I'll just be spending time attending some of the talks. Unfortunately I have a lot of other things going on this weekend so I won't be able to spend as much time there as I'd like.

    And I totally saw you in the video. Awesome!