Summer suns.

Something I tend to love about any weekday is my drive to work. The time by myself, singing aloud to whatever music I happen to be drawn to at the moment, windows down in the cooler morning air.  I like getting to see our neighborhood waking up.

One house in particular has caught my eye recently because of the huge sunflower bush growing in front of it. It made me a little sad that I hadn't planted any this year because it's a bit of a tradition of mine. I've had sunflowers every summer since the year I first moved into the Teal House and had a porch to grow plants on. To me, sunflowers are summer. 

I have this drawing that I did early this spring hanging in my office at work. I'm glad it can bring a little summer into my work day.

(Past sunflowers: herehere, and here.)


  1. i want this. i love sunflowers so much.

  2. These are beautiful Cheryl! Would make a nice "get well" card ;)

  3. I've been looking into printers. Maybe in the next couple of months I'll have some things for sale.