Fair week.

I went back to my hometown of Wellington, Ohio twice this week to spend some time at the Lorain County Fair. As a kid living in small town Wellington, fair week was THE event of the year. Everyone went to the fair and it seemed like everyone was at the fair nearly every day. Many people I knew had animals in the fair, or 4H projects on display. I was always entering drawings or photographs in the footsteps of my mom and her family. The prizes were never more than a few dollars, but there was something really special about having your work on display at the fair. When we were old enough, my friends and I spent our week at the fair working at the Hawaiian Shaved Ice stand. Our boss, Jay, was a science fiction/fantasy author who I was totally in awe of at the time. 

Needless to say, I love going back to the fair. The food, the animals, the people, the sentimentality of it. I love it all.

(See my last trip to the fair here / More photos from this year here)

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