Our ugly bathroom.

I'll admit, there was, and still is, a lot of ugly happening in this house that we bought last November. However, I'd have to say that most of it pales in comparison to our ugly bathroom. 

The toilet was leaking when we moved in so, instead of wasting time and money to fix the pink monstrosity, we turned it off and closed the door. Luckily we have two bathrooms and it has since been nothing but the room where we keep the litter box. Finally the time has come for us to make it into something that's functional and less nauseating.

Andrew has already removed the cabinets, toilet, and lovely hardware. I can't wait to rip all that pink faux marble laminate off the walls. Did I mention that the ceiling is also wallpapered? 


  1. there's something about the wallpaper that i like. and the doors on the sink. what are the plans!?

    1. Plans include: Gutting the whole thing and starting over. Installing the antique sink that we took out of our other bathroom. New efficient toilet that's not pink. A marble tiled floor that's more accurate to the style of a 1920's bathroom.

  2. The real question is -- where will the litterbox live?