"Take me outside, sit in the green garden"

The spring blossoms have come and gone already. I snapped these photos just in time. The ground is littered with fallen petals. I have been carefully picking out plants to fill our yard - a seemingly never ending project that started the day after we had the keys to this house - and sprouting seeds under lights in the basement. This year I will plant my first real vegetable garden and hopefully not lose it all to the chipmunk who has taken up residence in the beds we made. It seems that the friendly outdoor cat in our neighborhood may be too friendly to scare the menace away. But I like the challenge. This is the time of year that I love. Spending time in the evening watering my plants. Watching the flowers I love bloom. Everything becoming green again. 

This song has been my soundtrack this week: Green Garden


  1. I just stumbled upon your blog this morning, what a beautiful little space you have here!