- Two days of rain have swept all the lovely spring flowers from the trees before I had the chance to really enjoy them.
- My new favorite treat is to buy small italian rolls from Presti's and make my own garlic bread to eat along with dinner.
- Another weekend full of freelance work and family.
- I would really appreciate a week completely free of any type of work so I could fully clean my apartment and make some new progress on my fabric scrap rug.
- I've yet to make it out on my bike for a ride, even though the nice weather has been here, due to various reasons and rain spoiling my free days.
- Time to start thinking about creating something for the AG Fine Arts show.
- I hope that by the time my wedding comes I will truly be able to enjoy it instead of worrying about all the details I'm trying to plan.
- I miss having Andrew at home with me.

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