"But you don't have to take my word for it..."

Every once in a while I will buy a children's book because the illustrations, or concept, really stand out to me as being inspiring and different. I think I've probably shared a few of my other favorites on here when I was researching for my BFA thesis a few years ago. Yesterday I spent all day in a bookstore during a brainstorming session for AG and found this gem in the discount section (although I definitely would have paid full price for it.) The book is called Pssst! and it is written and illustrated by Adam Rex. As usual, it was the illustrations that caught my attention first (...and the narwhal...and the sloths...) but the story is so fun and unusual that it really makes a wonderful book. I gathered a few images from the book off of his website and have come to find that he also wrote a story about a whale...looks like I'll be buying that one as well.

(Hopefully my future children will appreciate these books as much as I do.)

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