Weekend snapshots.

We had a very busy weekend which involved a lot of fun. I only captured a few snapshots from it with the exception of the photos I took with my Holga that are still undeveloped. We saw a great documentary (more on that to come). Andrew finished his bike (well, enough for us to go for a ride). We ate lot of excellent local Cleveland food with friends. I got around to planting more of the succulents from my dad. Partied in Cleveland Heights under an incredible sunset. Heard a great message at NEOchurch. Went sailing on my dad's new boat. And Andrew had two back to back soccer games during which I found a cat friend to curl up on my lap for a while. 

On a side note, please go to StandardVariety.com and vote for my T-shirt design! It's only in the sketch phase right now, but if I win I promise it will be fantastic!

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  1. This collection of moments helped me distance myself from the stress of the day for a few brief minutes. Thanks so very much for sharing!