Chicago. (Or the weekend in which we walked. A lot.)

We decided to take a weekend road trip to Chicago for our first anniversary. A getaway for just the two of us was exactly what we needed. Andrew had never been to Chicago, and the fall is my favorite time to be there. I made a playlist for the drive including Sufjan's Illinoise (of course) and some other fall favorites to make the drive a little better. My aunt and uncle gifted us a room at the amazing W hotel which was designed like no other hotel I've ever been to including elevators with 3D diamond graphics and black lights. (Looks like a still from our hit spy movie, right?)

We spent our weekend doing some typical Chicago touristy things. Navy Pier, the Sears/Willis Tower Skydeck, Millennium Park, and the one I've been wanting to visit for years, The Shedd Aquarium. 


Before we headed home we drove a little west to tour the home and studio of Frank Lloyd Wright in Oak Park. I was expecting to fall in love, but it was just way beyond any expectations I had. Unfortunately we weren't able to take any pictures of it, but wow, it was so incredible.

We had a great weekend that left us with very tired feet (did I mention we never once took a taxi? Okay, a water taxi twice, but we definitely walked about 20 miles this weekend) and a terribly filthy windshield. We ran out of wiper fluid which was driving me crazy because I hate dirty windshields. I wash mine usually once a day. I was really not looking forward to driving to work the next day with this:

But I didn't have to. Andrew snuck out and washed my windshield while I was in the shower this morning. Which really, for me, was the best part of the whole anniversary weekend. 


  1. Yay! Happy Anniversary! Keith and I were just reminiscing on how awesome our little trip to Cleveland was last year. I can't believe that it's even been a whole year! Also: love your flowery AE dress... isn't it the best??? I pretty much want to wear it everyday haha

  2. Happy Anniversary budday! ^___^ Mucho love from the Garmons! I'm so glad we got to be a part of your happy day!