The tinsel tree.

I had spotted this great idea somewhere on the vast internet to drill a hole in a log to make a base for an artificial tree. I absolutely loved it and luckily enough, my uncle happened to have the perfect log for us. I love that it gives my great grandma's tiny tree some nice height. 
Most of the ornaments on our tree have some sort of sentimental value to me. I remember the times that I received them, or bought them, or they remind me of a particularly good Christmas from the past. Some of the ornaments have been around since before I was born, and some of them were just purchased on our honeymoon last year. 

This is the third year that I've set up this old tinsel tree and although I definitely miss the smell of the real deal in my living room, I love how sparkly this one is. 

(And yes, there's already a present under the tree! It feels very odd for me to have something wrapped up already since I normally do it much closer to Christmas, but one of Andrew's gifts came in the mail and I had no idea where to hide it.)


  1. I saw that idea on Something's Hiding in Here also! Really wanted to do it, but was one day late in heading out to pick up the logs that were laying (already chopped) on the side of the street they are widening in North Canton. Gaaaah! But yours looks awesome!