Black Bean Enchiladas.

Of course I would have a cookbook from my most favorite TV show. Ever. Don't you?

We made Black Bean Enchiladas tonight. The recipe called for ground caribou but since we didn't exactly have any of that in our freezer we opted for ground beef. Being our first time making enchiladas, we were very happy with the results. They tasted great and we only had one minor hitch, some parts of the tortillas got stuck to the bottom of the dish. I was pretty nervous about cooking with a jalapeno since I don't really care for super spicy food and I wasn't sure how hot it was going to turn out. It was perfect. Or at least it was for me. I think this will end up being made in our kitchen again. 

This is what Mrs. Noanuk cooked for Dr. Fleischman when he finished his fast before being inducted into our tribe. It's Mexican, except for the caribou. You can use ground chuck instead and, you know, it might even be better. Caribou is like all wild meat - almost too lean. Tasty, though. 

Dr. Fleischman doesn't really do anything with the tribe. But I feel good knowing he's an honorary member. 

(From the Northern Exposure Cookbook.)

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  1. Enchiladas are always exciting. :) Congrats on your culinary success, and I'm glad you found the right level of heat! If you're ever up for trying other Mexican dishes, I'll be glad to send along some fam recipes.