Charity Shop Challenge: February.

We got another dumping of snow today. About 8 inches or so. Monday it's supposed to be 50 degrees again. So, considering that spring could be just around the corner (wishful thinking?) I decided to feature two of my all time favorite cold weather appropriate thrift store finds for this month's Charity Shop Challenge. Because hopefully, I won't be able to wear them much longer.

The first item is the yellow wool plaid skirt. I acquired this skirt sometime around my first year of college at Unique Thrift. You can't try anything on at Unique, and I was super disappointed when I got home with my purchase only to find out that I couldn't actually button the skirt that I had fallen in love with. So I did a little creative editing and cut out the waistband, replacing it with some elastic. Worked out pretty well in the end. 

The second item is the boots. Ah, the boots. Andrew calls them my reindeer feet. Furry outsides, furry insides, awesome red trim. I saw a pair similar to this on Etsy and after seeing them I couldn't get them out of my head. But the seller wanted $70, and there was no way I was going to pay $70 for a pair of boots, let alone a pair I couldn't try on before buying. And then something magical happened...I had stopped at Unique to take advantage of it's 50% off Monday sale. At the time I was gathering fabric to make rugs for Christmas gifts but my eyes happened to wander over to the shoes and I saw them...the boots.  Not only were they practically unworn, but they fit perfectly, and at 50% off $4.99 I felt like I was stealing them. That was a good day. 

The "Snowland" picture is the tag from inside the boots. So great. 


  1. this looks so nice together! & what a find on the boots, thanks for sharing the story. :)

    (also liking your new blog header.)

  2. i think i got a lil secondhand adrenaline rush from your boot story - what a find!

    have you seen "Get Low"? I saw it this weekend and absolutely adored it! Bill Murray is in it, so it made me think of the cardboard sea. (It's in RedBoxs now!)