Handmade gifts.

I made a lot of handmade items to give as gifts this Christmas. Almost everyone in my family received a crochet rag rug that I made from thrifted sheets and fabrics. Since they've all been given out at this point, I decided to share some photos of them here. Bowie seemed to think they were for him. 


  1. Love the crocheted rugs. Bowie is super adorable.

  2. Just wondering what pattern you followed or where I would find DIY instructions! They are beautiful!!

  3. Amy, I didn't use a pattern at all. I've never really been able to follow a crochet pattern. Crochet is a really good technique to free-form with so I just kind of made it up as I went along. After I cut the fabric strips from old sheets I got the largest crochet hook that I had and started a single crochet chain. I think I made the first chain about a foot or so long before I started back in the other direction. From there on out I just continued in a circular direction around the whole thing until it got to the size that I wanted it.