A cozy backdrop.

I worked on another photo shoot for a Taylor Swift card this morning. I was really excited to include this thrifted granny square afghan that my aunt gave me for Christmas. It has the most amazing colors in it. 

In other news, I'm kicking myself for not playing the numbers from Lost in the Mega Millions last night. I don't normally play the lottery aside from a scratch off every now and then for fun, but everyone was getting so hyped up about it that the thought definitely crossed my mind. Unfortunately, I was too eager to get home from work that I didn't stop to get one. We could have been $150 richer today. 

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  1. I LOVE the little snippets from photo shoots lately! I also ALMOST texted you about the Lost numbers. Did I mention we bought season one and started re-watching already? Perhaps we need another party with fish biscuits. ^___^