Birthday treats.

Tomorrow is my birthday and so far I've been celebrating by eating delicious treats. My mom surprised me with an awesome chocolate mousse cake from Presti's. My favorite! This was the cake that Andrew and I chose to have at our wedding, although in the end we decided to get a variety so non-chocolate lovers could enjoy dessert as well. Tonight I'm celebrating with some of our friends and going out for ice cream at Malley's. They have the best hot fudge around! I'm easy to please. 


  1. happy birthday :) the cake looks wonderful and so do you!

  2. That looks like exactly what I want to be eating right now. I remember looking at the dessert table at your wedding and knowing that all I wanted and needed was THAT cake. Mmmm! Happy happy birthday!!

    ps- your hair looks super cute.

  3. Happy birthday, miss Cheryl! :D

    ...and much happiness in your life!

  4. Happy Birthday Budday!!!! XD