Twenty eleven.

Last night we celebrated the new year with some of our favorite foods, mimosas, and some episodes of The Muppet Show on VHS that I found a few weeks ago while thrifting. Just after watching the ball drop on TV we heard some noises outside and walked out into the front yard to see fireworks being set off nearby. It was quite a nice night. 

Last year I made a few goals for myself, most of which I completed, or am close to finishing (like our quilt). I figured it couldn't hurt to write out a few more this year:

- Complete at least ten new pieces for my charity art show in September. 
- Be more observant of what we are spending and saving so we can hopefully buy a house when our lease is up this summer. 
- Participate in Pedal to the Point with a goal of at least 30 miles. 
- Share the awesomeness of Twin Peaks with Andrew. 
- Shoot more photographs with my medium format.