To do. What to do.

The photo above basically describes my weekend. Buried in cats and projects. In a good way.

Andrew had Sunday off so we started to tackle a project we've been talking about for a while. We're giving a makeover to this terribly ugly little bench we found in our basement. I was a little skeptical of if we could actually pull off the look we were going for, but now that we've started it I'm 100% sure it's going to be awesome. Some of our inspiration can be found here and here

My hair is getting to be awkward and challenging and I'm debating cutting it all off again. I think I idealize long hair.


  1. I love your bench inspiration! I saw one of these in store about a week ago. It is definitely doable. Also I think your hairs have looked terrific at both lengths.

  2. i wanna see this bench! and i'm not sure about your hair.. it looks really good real short but i get the long hair thing. it's nice to have long hair.