So, this is what twenty-six looks like.

I'm celebrating on my own tonight. Got a haircut. Indulging in another piece of my chocolate cake. Watching one of my favorite movies (When Harry Met Sally). And making myself a pair of earrings. Not bad, not bad at all. 

Today when people were asking me what I was going to do for my birthday I told them that I went out last night to Malley's for ice cream sundaes. Malley's is a local place, mostly known for their chocolates, but a few of their locations have ice cream. I love Malley's. Not just because they have the BEST hot fudge, or because they give you free pretzels to enjoy with your ice cream (salty+sweet!), but because of the atmosphere. You can ride on a carousel while eating...it goes extremely slow. And then there are the animal heads. 


  1. I love how colorful your life is :) Happy 26, may it be the best.

  2. i wan to go to this place! it looks sooo good. that's my kinda birthday.

  3. Hi.. just drop by to your blog just wanna ask what's the model of your nikon cam? love your pics :)