Swedish design, glass and plants. Or, an early birthday.

This weekend my family and I had an early birthday celebration for my dad and I. We trekked to Pittsburgh and our first stop was Ikea for a little shopping. After that we went to the Phipps Conservatory where a lot of picture taking took place. It was really nice to be able to walk around in a lively "outdoor" type environment and not be bundled up from the cold. Not to mention smelling all the plants and dirt. I like that a lot. It was also pretty cool to see some of Dale Chihuly's glass work incorporated into the exhibits there. I'm really glad we got to do that, it was a great way to celebrate. 

I love Bonsai trees.
Photography runs in the family. 

Coffee. Mmm.


  1. These photos are fantastic and refreshing in the middle of our current weather. (:

  2. Such beautiful photographs!! Next time you're in Florida have Andrew take you to the Norton Museum to check out the Chihuly ceiling. Its aquatic themed and pretty much my favorite thing ever! Anytime I would bring my students to the museum we would lay on the floor in this room and see who could name the most sea creatures haha