Christmas in July.

Dear ridiculous people who came up with the concept of "Christmas in July":

All I wanted was to walk quietly across the street to my favorite little Italian bakery for a mid-day mocha. Instead my eyes were bombarded with pointsettias, fake garland, and gold glittery nonsense. On top of that, a flautist playing Christmas carols? Completely unnecessary. Please do not attack and confuse my fond memories of the cold, snowy, seemingly magical holiday season with those of hot, muggy, weather and the smell of suntan lotion on people wearing too little clothing.

As a side note, I realize that "Christmas in July" is typically a marketing ploy to get people to buy decorative junk and pre-mature Christmas gifts in the middle of summer. Let's get real here, people are going to start buying all that stuff as soon as it's out on the shelf a week after Halloween anyways. Do we really need to start selling in July? Ugh.

Cheryl Andrey.

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