New horizons. New horizon line.

The past few days of cooler air and rain have reminded me that fall is on it's way. Am I crazy for suggesting these thoughts before July is even over? Perhaps. But for me fall is exciting. It's always been a time of renewal for me. A fresh start that I'm always longing for. There's something about the brisk air and the billowy white cumulonimbus spattered with dark grey that makes my whole body smile. I've even caught myself listening to some of my staple fall musicians already.

So with that in mind, I've decided to make some changes here. I had been writing as if I had some sort of audience in mind and I'm no longer interested in that. From now on I'm treating this blog as a secondary sketchbook for the digital world. A place for me to record bits and pieces of what I find interesting (things that I would normally paste into my sketchbook had I come across them in the physical world) as well as a place for me to display that which I create. Streamlining.

Why must my fish bicker so often?

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